The Structured Techniques for Algorithmic Robotics (STAR) Lab at Georgia Tech, directed by Harish Ravichandar, develops structured algorithms that help collaborative robots learn to reliably operate in complex environments, while leveraging and enhancing their interactions with humans. We study three distinct, yet connected, areas: robot learning, human-robot interaction, and multi-agent coordination. The lab is affliated with the Institute for Intelligent Robots and Machines (IRIM).

Want to get involved?: We are looking to recruit both graduate and undergraduate students to work on exciting projects in robot learning, human-robot interaction, and multi-agent systems. If you are interested, we request that you take the time to read Harish's research statement and some of our papers to get a better sense of our research interests before contacting us. You can also watch Harish's recent short talk that provides a high-level overview of our research (see below). When you reach out, please share what specific areas or research questions excite you and why you think the STAR lab is the right place for you.

A recent short (~15 mins) talk that provides a very high-level overview of our research. You can also find it here.

Srikanthan and Ravichandar, AAMAS 2022.
Posted 13 May 2022
Srikanthan et al., IROS Workshop 2021.
Posted 27 Sep 2021